Adam & Eve

I normally don’t quite fancy disentanglement  puzzles. But once in a while along comes something that looks to be quite manageable without all that twisting ropes and such and I will give one a try. The Adam & Eve puzzle, with such a name, now who can avoid being curious just what sort of puzzle Read More

Double Feature

This weekend’s puzzle is the Double Feature designed by Stewart Coffin. Exchanged by Saul Bobroff at IPP37,  the Double Feature is Coffin’s design # X-75A as indicated on the packaging. There is a design #75A called Two Tiers but I am not sure what the X stands for. If anyone knows, please feel free to Read More

9 Puzzle – Hordern B25

Designer Naoaki Takashima designed this sliding block puzzle way in March 1985. From what I have heard, Takashima-san owns the largest collection of mechanical puzzles in Japan. The collection it seems is well in  excess of 10,000 puzzles. IPP37 was Takashima-san’s 30th IPP party todate! So far I have played with one other of Takashima-san’s Read More