Alpha Pack


Probably the world’s most difficult packing puzzle!


Condition: Brand New

Material: laser cut 3mm coloured  acrylic

Size: 85mm x 93mm x 6mm

Designer: Jerry Loo

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Alpha Pack is a brand new design featuring a packing puzzle with 26 pieces! Yes, an extremely challenging (probably one of most difficult packing puzzles in the world) requiring all 26 letters in the  alphabet to be placed flush inside the hexagonal tray.  13 different colours were used to give the puzzle a colourful multi-coloured look against the background of a white tray.

It is not known how many solutions there are, if indeed there is more than the expected one solution here. Presently there are only 3 “solutions” found by the software Burr Tools but these 3 involve just the rotations/reflections of the single letter “Q”. Efforts have been made to adjust the shapes of all the letters to minimise possible alternate solutions.

Alpha-Pack has been produced in a pocketable size and can be easily carried with you anywhere for portable puzzling.




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