Chain Store – “One Piece Packing Puzzle”


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Condition: Very Good

Material: Box is yellowheart while the chain links are cherry.

Size: Box is 5cm x 5.7cm x 6cm. Each of the links in the chain is 4.7cm x 3.1cm x 0.8cm.

Designer: Goh Pit Khiam

Maker: Tom Lensch

Goal: Put the chain flush into the box with nothing sticking out.

Classification: 3D Packing

Free Shipping With Tracking Number Worldwide

Chain Store  is an award winning puzzle which won a Jury Honourable Mention at the IPP36 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition. A superb and truly ingenious design coming from award winning puzzle designer Goh Pit Khiam. Who would have thought a design like this was possible where all the chain links are connected permanently?  It’s been described by John Rausch as a “one piece packing puzzle”…well, quite literally true isn’t it?

Very challenging and difficult and no computer programmes would be of help in the solve. Very rare as not many copies were produced by Tom Lensch. Definitely a must-have for packing puzzle enthusiasts and collectors looking for something totally different.


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