Dirty Dozen Interlocking Puzzle (Green)


Condition: Brand New

Material: 5mm translucent green acrylic

Size: Approx: 65mm x 65mm x 30mm

Designer: Jerry Loo

Goal: Assemble the puzzle and take it apart

Classification: Interlocking

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This is a mechanical puzzle made up of 12 interlocking identical pieces laser cut from translucent green acrylic. This puzzle is the plastic/acrylic cousin of Dirty Dozen Stainless Steel listed on this site http://mechanical-puzzles.com/product/dirty-dozen-interlocking-puzzle/

The object is to assemble the 12 pieces. Requires 23 moves to fully put together. It is very challenging to solve (unless you know the technique!) but solution will be provided upon request.

Design featured on http://puzzlewillbeplayed.com/CombCross/DirtyDozen.JL/


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