Dirty Dozen Interlocking Puzzle (Stainless Steel)


Condition: Brand New Made To Order

Material: 5mm Stainless Steel

Size: Approx: 65mm x 65mm x 30mm

Weight: 640g (Very Heavy)

Colour & Finishing: Industrial Raw

Designer: Jerry Loo

Goal: Take apart the puzzle and put it together again.

Classification: Interlocking

designed & made in Singapore

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This is a mechanical puzzle work of art made up of 12 interlocking identical pieces laser cut from Stainless Steel. Interlocking puzzles of this category rarely come in metal, let alone Stainless Steel. Virtually indestructible and very industrial looking! 3 prototypes were produced to get the tolerances right so that the pieces fit well interlocked together, yet is very smooth sliding for play.

The object is to take apart the 12 individual pieces (and put back together). Requires 23 moves to fully disassemble. It is very challenging to solve (unless you know the technique!). If you don’t wish to try to take the puzzle apart, just sit back, relax and be mesmerized by its clean grid lines and cool metal look. A real item of beauty and high quality which also serves well as an office or home tabletop display. Something your spouse or partner will definitely approve!

Definitely a conversation starter anywhere. Truly functional art that challenges the mind. In the solved position, the pieces can be pushed and pulled and moved about but they will never come apart on their own! But your hands will get tired because it’s so heavy! Once you pick the Dirty Dozen up, you would not want to put it down.

Design featured on http://puzzlewillbeplayed.com/CombCross/DirtyDozen.JL/

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE — This puzzle is specially made to order and will only be produced (estimated 4-7 working days) upon purchase. Please contact seller for more information.


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