Nine Blocks Cube – Collector’s Puzzle


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Condition: Very Good

Material: Mahogany & Maple

Size: 11.5cm  x 11.5cm  x 12.5cm

Designer: Jerry Loo and Primitivo Familiar Ramos

Goal: Take out the pieces and put back together in the box

Maker: Tom Lensch

Classification: 3D Packing

Free Shipping With Tracking Number Worldwide 

A joint design between Loo and Ramos entered into the IPP36 Puzzle Design Competition. This is the exact same copy from the competition you will receive.

The Nine Blocks Cube is an iteration of Loo’s 9 Blocks Box design, first made and sold by Eric Fuller. Subsequent to the competition, Eric made a limited run of 150 copies of the Nine Blocks Cube (much smaller size) which were all quickly sold out. A very tricky 3D packing puzzle not for the faint hearted. For more info, click below.



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