S’Paid In Full

S’Paid In Full is the 4th and last puzzle instalment in Scott Elliot’s playing cards suit series of Exchange Puzzles. Notice the choice of words for the name of his puzzle? This suit series started in 2014 during IPP34 in London and I was fortunate that year to have participated in my very first Puzzle Exchange. His other suit series puzzles are “Join The Club” in 2014, “Diamond Engagement” in 2015 and “Halve A Heart” in 2016.

Scott has his own 3D printer and produces all his suit puzzles in his home workshop. Like all the previous suit series puzzles, S’Paid In Full comprises two pieces and the object is to put together the pieces to form the spade. Quality of construction is good and the 3D printing is pretty tough and resilient and stand up to some abuse.

And like all of Scott’s previous puzzles, there is a point of entry or the sweet-spot where the pieces would meet just nicely and slide into the proper position. Puzzlers who have played with the previous puzzles in the series would not find it too difficult to solve S’Paid In Full. Not difficult but can be a bit tricky and delicate to find the right entry point and it took me a bit of trial and error to get the solution.

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