Singapore Puzzle Party (SPP02)

The second Singapore Puzzle Party was held on 5th December 2017. It might not even have happened if not for Oskar van Deventer contacting David Ang, Goh Pit Khiam and me to let us know he would be in town for a week on business and for us to catch up like last year’s SPP01. After several exchanges of emails, the date and time was selected. That evening, we met Oskar and the bunch of us headed off to a nearby (and quiet) restaurant for dinner and puzzling.

Unlike the IPPs with hundreds in attendance and a planned 3-day agenda and side tours, our little SPP was just a small gathering over dinner with just 8 of us, including Oskar! David Ang of Cubewerkz came with his gang of twisty enthusiasts and speed-cubers (all students by the way – Bin Jie,, Seung Ha, Ryan Peh and Daryl Tan) plus the two of us from the non-twisty domain, Goh Pit Khiam and myself. As you might imagine, given such a small group, the number of puzzles that went around were rather few. I showed off to Oskar some of my recent designs and prototypes such as my Handkerzzle, L(8)tice-2, Micro-Hex and a 2014 design but recently reproduced-Ball In Cylinder #2.  David brought a number of twisties he was currently selling on his new site and Pit Khiam took out a couple of his own designs and also displayed his Android platform digital puzzles. Oskar had a number of goodies in his bag, mainly his 3D printed and incredible looking gear mechanisms and twistie-style puzzles. All in all, it was a pleasant evening of catching up with Oskar and the rest of the gang  and a chance to handle some of Oskar’s newest toys!

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  1. Hey mate, fellow Singaporean here, great blog! I stumbled upon your site while trying to find a good place in Singapore to get puzzles. Could you point me in the right direction? Or do you get most of your puzzles online, if so some recommendations please? I’m stuck with a bunch of Hanayama puzzles I bought years ago. Thank you!!’

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