IPP38 Puzzle Design Competition

Puzzle Design Competition

The IPP38 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition entries are out.

Puzzle Design Competition

A total of 67 designs from around the world. From what I can see, there are loads of really interesting designs and I can’t wait to play with them at IPP38 next weekend.

Click on the link below to view the wonderful and incredible creations puzzle designers have come up with.


One thought on “IPP38 Puzzle Design Competition

  1. Thelonious_Cube says:

    Yes, some very interesting designs.

    I’d love to play with 5L, Pushbutton Burr, Hide the Gold, Leftovers, both of the Mobius ones, Rota Cube, Unicum….and a bunch more.

    Interesting to see some ones that have been around for a bit (Box with Two Balls has been made in two rather different versions) in addition to the ones I’ve never seen before.

    Hopefully a few of them will come on the market soon!

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