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Dear Puzzlers

UPDATE 22 Jan 2018 – Free Goodies For Winning Bidder of misenary box!!!

Michel van Ipenburg has decided to give incentives for bids exceeding various levels in the hope that this will raise higher bids for charity. These are fantastic puzzles and I have played with three of them personally. Bid more than € 450 and get to take home a whopping 5 extra puzzles!

It goes as follows:

Bid < € 250,- : two prototypes of the CFF100 ltd ed. puzzle will be added

Bid < € 300,- : first prototype of Larva and second pair of sliders will be added as well.

Bid < € 375,- : first prototype of Ladybird will be added as well.

Bid < € 450,- : first prototype of 8 stars labyrinth will be added also!

All puzzles are fully functional though may be different from the sold products as these were for review purposes.


My friend and fellow puzzler Michel Van Ipenburg has listed his puzzle, the MiSenary Box, a puzzle box  on puzzleparadise.net for auction. This is his last copy!

Proceeds from the winning bidder will be donated to cancer research. Have a look here: https://www.puzzleparadise.net/auction_details.php?name=auction-for-charity-misenary-puzzle-box&auction_id=101683

It will run for two weeks, ending January 28th, 2018.

For reviews of the MiSenary Box please click on the following links.



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